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Air Cooler

The air cooler is also called water-cooled air conditioner. It is an evaporative cooling and ventilating unit that integrates cooling, ventilation, dust prevention and deodorization. It is a machine made up of a special paper corrugated honey-like wet curtain with a large surface area, a high-efficiency energy-saving fan, a water circulation system, a float valve hydrating device, a casing and electrical components, and has a cooling effect.
In addition to the fresh air and temperature reduction in the home, the air cooler has an important feature---energy-saving and environmental protection! It is a new environmentally friendly product with no compressor, no refrigerant and no copper tube. The core - evaporative wet curtain (multi-layer corrugated fiber laminate) and the main motor are 1/8 of the traditional central air-conditioning power consumption, which can save you electricity.
When the fan is running, a negative pressure is generated in the cooling fan chamber, so that the outside air enters the cavity through the highly absorbent wet curtain. The water on the wet curtain evaporates in adiabatic state, taking away a large amount of latent heat, and purifying and cooling the aerated cold air is sent to the home by the fan, and through continuous convection, the home achieves the cooling effect.
It has low investment, high efficiency and environmental protection. It can replace the door and window, and can replace the indoor turbid, stuffy and smelly air out of the room, and consume less power.
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