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How to use washing Machine safely with too dangerous operating method
Mar 10, 2018

Danger of scalding: never touch the door of a washing machine at high temperature Glass.

The usual washing program,The default is 40℃,

But there are some brands.Strong washing program, temperature up to 90

It's dangerous to touch at will.

Danger of electrical shock: please do not pull the wire out of the plug; do not use wet hands




Life hazards: always check the inner barrel before using the washing machine.

A few days ago, there was a news report abroad that a young couple, because of their carelessness,

It's dangerous for pets to throw their cat into the news of washing machines.

Machine hazards: store small items of clothing and wash them again.

Place socks, handkerchiefs, ribbons, etc in a laundry bag or pillow while washing

Wash in the sleeve so as not to slip these small objects between the inner and outer buckets.

Explosion hazard: washing clothes containing solvent, easy to produce explosion risk; if there is no special down jacket washing procedures, washing machine washing down jacket easy to explode.