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Introduction of washing machine classification
May 02, 2017

1. Wave-wheel washer

Washing characteristics: Micro-computer control washing and drying function, save time and effort.

Disadvantages: Electricity, water consumption, clothing easy winding, poor cleanliness.

Suitable for washing clothes: In addition to the need for special washing of all clothing, wheeled washing machine popular in Japan, China, Southeast Asia and other land.

2. Roller Washer

Laundry characteristics: Microcomputer control all functions Shan clothing without winding, the most will not wear the way of clothing.

Disadvantage: Time-consuming, time is ordinary times, and once shut the door, the washing process can not open, clean power is not strong.

Suitable for washing clothes: wool, cashmere and silk, pure wool fabrics, popular in Europe, South America and other major wearing wool, cotton-dominated areas, almost 100% of households use the drum washing machine.

3, stirring type washing machine

Laundry characteristics: The strongest clothing clean, provincial washing powder.

Disadvantages: like winding compared to the first two ways of damage to increase, the most noise.

Suitable for washing clothes: In addition to the need for special washing of all clothing, North America is generally used.

4, Clean washing machine

Washing characteristics: With water purification, sterilization, deodorant function can effectively protect family members from cross-washing two pollution.

Suitable for washing clothing: Cotton hemp, chemical fiber, mixing, wool, feather, shirts, underwear, Ultra soft, cowboy, children's wear, curtains and so on.

Applicable crowd: For all kinds of families, especially suitable for the family member structure more diversified home.