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Don't do stupid washing machine safety rules you know how many?
Apr 03, 2018

1. Protection against touching live parts: washing machines shall be so constructed that users should not touch exposed live parts.Nor should the opening of the washing machine allow fingers to touch the inner wiring.2. Leakage current at operating temperature: at operating temperature, leakage current between charged components on the inner shell of a washing machine should not exceed 3.5 Ma.Input power: at rated voltage and normal temperature, the actual input power of the washing machine should not exceed 15g of its rated power.4, temperature rise: the temperature rise of the motor winding of the washing machine should not exceed 75 degrees and the temperature rise of the shell should not exceed 60 degrees when the washing machine works normally.Stability: the washing machine should be sufficiently stable to be placed in any position in use on an inclined plane with a horizontal plane of 10 degrees, and the washing machine should not be turned over.Automatic power failure: when the washing machine is dehydrated, when the user opens the upper cover 50 mm, the dehydrated motor should be cut off.