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Fully Automatic Washing Machine

The fully automatic washing machine pre-sets the whole process of washing (bubble-washing-rinsing-dehydrating). When one of the procedures is selected for washing, the whole process of washing is automatically completed after the faucet is turned on and the washing machine is turned on, and the buzzer sounds when the laundry is completed.
The automatic washing machine controls the water inlet, the drainage and the on/off of the motor through the water level switch and the electromagnetic water inlet valve, so that the electromagnetic inlet valve of the automatic control functions as the water source. When the electromagnetic coil is de-energized, the moving iron core is tightly placed on the rubber diaphragm under the action of gravity and spring force, and the central hole of the diaphragm is blocked, so that the valve is closed and the water flow is blocked.
When the electromagnetic coil is energized, the moving iron core moves up under the action of the magnetic force, leaves the diaphragm, and the central hole of the diaphragm opens, so that the water above the diaphragm flows into the washing tub through the central small hole. Since the flow capacity of the central small hole is greater than the flow capacity of the small holes on both sides of the diaphragm, the pressure above the diaphragm is rapidly reduced, the diaphragm will move up under the action of the pressure difference, the closed door is opened, and the water flow is conducted.
Fully automatic washing machines have increasingly become essential household appliances for decoration owners. This type of washing machine saves people the trouble of washing clothes in daily life. Just put the clothes and washing powder into the washing machine, plug in the power supply, put the water, and after 30 or 40 minutes, the owner can get the clean clothes directly, which is very convenient.
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