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Washing Machine

The washing machine is a cleaning appliance that uses mechanical energy to generate mechanical action to wash clothes, and is classified into household and collective according to its rated washing capacity.
The household washing machine is mainly composed of a box, a washing and dewatering bucket (some washing and dewatering buckets are separated), a transmission and a control system, and some are also equipped with heating means. Washing machines generally refer to the use of water as the main cleaning liquid, which is different from the use of special cleaning solutions, and the dry cleaning usually carried out by a person. There are various types of washing machines, including pulsator type, drum type, agitating type, jet type and the like.
The drum type washing machine adopts the water-saving technology that controls the water volume, the heating and washing technology, the rain washing, the soaking, the triple washing, the three-dimensional water flow and the waterproof overflow function, and the water is played to the extreme.
The washing machine can produce huge centrifugal force by mechanical control according to some internal equipments, plus the combination of washing powder and water to clean the clothes. It is very smart and convenient, and can be used in one step. It has uniform washing degree and low wear rate, and clothes are not easy to entangle, so it do not hurt the clothes.
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